Verdantix: SAI Global Delivers Control Of EHS Functions With Its Roam 5 Mobile Application

This report by Verdantix (Feb. 2019) is one in a series on technology vendors. Its purpose is to help EHS decision-makers better understand the evolution of the EHS software market.

To learn more about the newest version of SAI Global’s mobile EHS application, Roam 5, Verdantix met with Global Product Manager Christine Adeline. The firm shared updates regarding Roam 5’s capabilities and functions and its broader mobile strategies. The enhancements to Roam 5 enables customers to manage and expand their EHS workflows.

SAI Global’s vision mirrors the preference of EHS professionals for accessible and powerful applications for mobile workers. SAI Global’s mobile offering can particularly benefit firms where EHS activities are commonly conducted remotely.


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Solution Datasheet (Revenue Risk Manager)
Solution Datasheet (Revenue Risk Manager)

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