SAI360 for IT Risk

How cyber risks and connected products are transforming competition.

Businesses are striving to remain competitive. To stay ahead of the curve, they must move
quickly to improve operational challenges by advancing their technology infrastructure
or choosing to outsource key operational elements. But adding these key components to
drive business success often creates risk and adds more holes for hackers to exploit. As
the cybersecurity threat landscape continues to evolve, organizations are realizing that
managing risk is a large piece of the puzzle in building a robust security posture. But how
do you know which risk exists and for that matter, which risks are worth taking?

Cybersecurity risks stem from three core areas: physical, technology, and operations.
These areas can be affected by both man-made and natural threats. Only a comprehensive
approach to cybersecurity risk management across the enterprise provides the insight
necessary to create a truly secure digital business environment.

SAI360 for Digital Risk enables your cybersecurity taskforce to simplify and manage digital
risk and compliance across the enterprise and extended vendor network. Information
technology security and compliance professionals use our software to assess and monitor
adherence to internal and external frameworks across the enterprise and third-party



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