IRM Meets BCM Two Leading Solutions Together at Last.

June 24, 2019

While Business Continuity Management and Integrated Risk Management have been working in concert to protect organizations for years, finding a solution that does both well AND integrates information between the programs has proven elusive....until now.

In today’s business environment, organizations are faced with unprecedented risks that can disrupt critical business operations, damage brand and reputation, and impact revenues and profitability. A comprehensive view of risk is required, breaking down operating silos and bringing in a new integrated approach to managing risk to vertically connect strategy down through the organization.

BCM further strengthens IRM activities by enabling organizations to plan for disruptions as well as exercise their plans. The new integration between ResilienceONE and Compliance 360 makes it easy to incorporate IRM with BCM for improved resiliency and faster recovery. SAI Global and Strategic BCP ResilienceONE enable organizations to proactively manage risk and compliance while also taking an integrated approach to business continuity management by seamlessly integrating their leading solutions for organizations worldwide.

The integration connects business continuity into an organization’s enterprise risk management and strategic oversight programs. It also enables users to manage their business continuity, disaster recovery, and crisis management programs. The advanced business intelligence reporting functions also incorporate important BCM and DR information from ResilienceONE.

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