Operational Resilience – More than a Buzz Word

Concrete Steps to Make Operational Resilience Actionable and Turn Your Objectives into Practical Tasks

Webinar: Thursday, July 9 at 10:00 AM ET / 4:00 PM CET

Everyone is talking about operational resilience. Time to stop talking and start taking action. This webinar is aimed at risk and business continuity professionals looking to drive change for their organizations.

Join GRC 20/20 pundit Michael Rasmussen and SAI Global’s BCM expert James Green, MBCI, on this interactive webinar as they provide practical guidance on making operational resilience actionable for your organization including:

  • Where do you start? Concrete steps to get your organization on the path to resilience.
  • How to start getting value from your program quickly and build from there
  • Who to involve and how?
  • How to build the business case internally

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