Why Integrating BCM and Health & Safety is Critical for Long-term Business Recovery

September 23, 2020

Enjoy this Business Continuity Institute (BCI) education week webinar on the link between BCM and EHS

Integrating BCM & EHSCOVID-19 has seen Business Continuity teams working closely with Environmental, Health & Safety teams (whether you call the practice EHS or HSE) in some cases for the first time.

Why has it taken a pandemic for organizations to notice the synergies between these two functions?

Join our webinar featuring business continuity expert James Green MBCI  and EHS thought leader David Smith, both with SAI Global, as they discuss how aligning BCM and EHS can bolster business continuity plans and help businesses return to work safely and efficiently.

This webinar was hosted in association with the Business Continuity Institute as part of their Education Month.

Replay this webinar on-demand with the BCI


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