Clarification on Change of Ownership Form

October 28, 2019

The new Change of Ownership form has two distinct sections and purposes. 

  • The first section relates to when a dealings is being lodged,
  • the second section relates to where NO DEALING is being lodged.

As this form notes, this second section can be used by a Registered Proprietor who just wishes to change the Address for Service of Notices.  This section is to be used where NO DEALING is being lodged. 

I.e. A registered proprietor gave an address for service of notices on their Notice of Sale form at the time they became the registered proprietor and they now wish notices to go to a PO Box or a different address.

Previously the Land Titles Office had no formal method for this purpose.

Please Note: When preparing a dealing that requires a Change of Ownership form, the second section of this form cannot be accessed.

Where a registered proprietor (who is remaining registered proprietor and not lodging a dealing to change ownership details) ONLY wants us to advise Land Tax (State Revenue Office), Valuation (Office of the Valuer-General) and the relevant Council to send notices to an address that differs from that stated when they lodged the dealing that made them registered proprietor/s, they can complete a COA (Change of Address for Service of Notices) and send this to the LTO.  This COA form is available under the supporting documents section in TOLD.


Disclaimer: The information herein has been prepared by SAI Global Property Division Pty Ltd ACN 089 586 872 from information released by the Authority cited on this page. It is provided as general background information only; it is not complete; and it does not comprehensively address this subject matter. Readers should not consider the information so provided as advice nor as a recommendation to take any particular course of action. Persons needing advice should consult their own solicitor, accountant or other professional adviser.


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