SAI Global Stands with Marriott and Delta Against Human Trafficking

February 1, 2019


Through customer awareness campaigns and employee training programs leading travel organizations join the fight to eradicate human trafficking.

Human trafficking is happening in every corner of the globe. With an estimated 25 million victims, this multidimensional human rights violation is the fastest growing international crime. As one of the world's largest industries - 10% of global GDP - the travel industry has the ability to play a critical role in preventing human trafficking.

To help alleviate this global dilemma, Marriott International and Delta Air Lines have introduced anti-trafficking initiatives to raise awareness of the issue with their customers and have implemented training strategies to help their employees identify the red flags that are the signals of human trafficking. 

"Ending human trafficking is everyone’s responsibility and it’s time to understand how you can help. There are three simple actions any organization can take; awareness, training and reporting. By training employees to look for the signals and provide channels for them to report, we have already seen positive momentum toward eradicating this global human rights tragedy."

Rebecca Turco

VP Learning, SAI Global


SAI Global is making its short microlearning On Supporting Human Rights available for the next month to share with your teams and to empower them to help break each link in the human trafficking chain. 


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