3 Key Skills of the Modern Business Continuity Manager Facing a Pandemic

Anyone in business continuity knows that it's not a once-and-done exercise. Ensuring organizational resilience requires a constant eye on new and evolving threats, and awareness that hurdles experienced in the past are likely to change. The current headlines are bursting with coronavirus updates as organizations evaluate how their supply chain and vendor relationships could be disrupted. Further, our recent Twitter poll indicates that two-thirds of companies are most concerned with preserving employee health.

  • Presenter: James Green, Director, Risk Advisory Services at SAI Global

James discusses how BCP teams are faced with growing the scope and scale of their programs to meet new demands such as those unique to COVID-19. For those who are struggling with finding the best and fastest path forward – he will steer you in the right direction. Includes:

  • The cost of ignoring emerging threats
  • Executive buy-in – how to get it and keep it
  • How BC fits into your risk strategy
  • The new age of vendor management


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Free Trial: BCM Software for your Pandemic Response

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