New process for dealing with registered survey plans

September 19, 2019

As a part of DNRME’s ongoing move towards a digital future, the Titles Registry is implementing a new process relating to the way in which they deal with survey plans lodged for registration with the Titles Registry.

Survey plans lodged for registration on and after the 30th September 2019, will no longer be retained and instead will be destroyed 28 days after registration. 

For certainty of users of the information contained within the register, which includes survey plans, the image of the survey plan will become the legal instrument.  This is in line with other Titles Registry documents, excluding original wills and original powers of attorney. The destruction of survey plans will be carried out in a secure manner as with the destruction of all other Titles Registry documents.

Importantly, for members of the surveying profession, the copyright and payment of royalties on survey plans will not be affected by this change, and there will be no impact on obtaining copies of survey plans.

Modifications to the titles system have been put in place to ensure that all survey plans lodged for registration are scanned at 300 dpi.  This will provide sufficient clarity to the image of the survey plan to enable users to rely on the image.

Post registration corrections that are required to be made to a registered survey plan will be made to the image of the survey plan using a digital correction process.

The Titles Registry welcomes any feedback or questions regarding the new process, and these can be provided through

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