Changes to Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000 Coming Soon

September 5, 2017



The Australian and New Zealand Wiring Rules impacts everyone and the proposed changes will be significant. Keep up to date with developments on the Wiring Rules with the publisher, SAI Global.



The new edition of the Wiring Rules will be revised to include new definitions and changes for additional clarity.


New performance requirements

The new Wiring Rules is a complete revision of the 2007 edition to provide updated work methods and installation practices that are 'deemed to comply' with the associated performance outcomes and safety conditions.

It specifies the minimum set of electrical safety rules and requirements for the design, construction and testing of electrical installations in all Australian and New Zealand premises.


Who needs a copy to comply?

Everyone involved in electrical installations:

  • Electricians
  • Electrical contractors
  • Design consultants
  • Inspectors and regulators
  • Electrical industry training bodies
  • Manufacturers
  • Importers
  • Retailers and wholesalers
  • Electricity distributors.

Key changes

  • More information on mandatory test failures and continuity of the installation's earthing system
  • Mandatory RCD requirements for protected circuits and alterations and repairs clarified
  • Improved installation safety requirements for cables that pass through bulk thermal insulation
  • New clause detailing Arc Fault Detection Devices and installation requirements
  • Enhanced requirements for switchboard installation and minimum clearances
  • New electric vehicle socket outlet requirements
  • Revised requirements for lighting equipment and accessories
  • New requirements for electrical equipment that may produce hot particles or hot surfaces
  • Improved safety requirements for cooking appliance switching devices
  • Gas appliances and equipment isolation requirements clarified
  • New installation requirements for each type of safety service
  • Installation requirements for electricity generation systems updated in line with applicable standards
  • The date of initial energisation is now mandatory at the installation switchboard
  • New figures added and existing figures updated to further assist the industry.

Still in two parts

With over 200 proposed changes, the new Wiring Rules will remain in two parts in a single volume:

  • Part One outlines the fundamental safety principles and provides an 'outcomes oriented' approach to allow flexibility in design.
  • Part Two details 'deemed to comply' solutions for the majority of electrical installation work and includes explanatory diagrams and technical requirements.


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