Are You Prepared for the Conscious Consumer?

In the August 2019 issue of Financier Worldwide, Paul Johns, CMO at SAI Global, talks about managing the new generation of customer expectations and perceptions that have become critical to building organizational resilience.

"While working on our SAI Global 2019 Reputation Trust Index, and conducting client-specific research, we have noticed that certain themes are becoming more prominent with these conscious consumers: corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability and ethical practices.

“As we examined the survey data about this newly energised citizenry and the risks and challenges facing the industry, it became clear that consumers are demanding new rules when it comes to how financial services firms manage their brands and reputation. And with trust the lubricant of the financial system, this requires financial services firms to retool their thinking about consumer trust in business and the way in which they strategically link issues of equality, social responsibility, transparency and traceability throughout their operations."

Paul Johns
CMO, SAI Global

Read the full article here.

Published in August 2019.


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