A Challenging Climate: 2020 is a Defining Year for Climate Change and BCM

May 14, 2020

SAI Global’s James Green speaks with Alex Fullick, host of the internet radio show’s Voice America business channel, about climate change and the intersection of risk management and business continuity practices. 

Listen to the podcast on Voice America

Climate change is proving to be quite the challenge for today's BCM professionals, and for the most part many aren't aware of how to deal with the challenges climate change poses. We speak with internationally recognized industry expert James Green about how we need to start incorporating Climate Change into our BCM plans and programs, using some very fundamental methods.

James provides tips on how we can incorporate Climate Change concerns into our risk assessment and BCM programs. We'll even learn how to get our Executives on board with Climate Change concerns to help us create stronger and more resilient organizations.

James also touches on COVID-19 and how it's changing our views and actions with regards to our risk exposure.



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