Safeguarding Company Assets while Working Remotely

Free Ethics & Compliance resources during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has led organizations around the world to quickly adopt remote work and work from home options, many for the first time. This cultural shift is necessary for employee health and well-being and to flatten the curve, as well as business continuity, but such a drastic and widespread change can create new risks.

Data privacy and security flaws on public WiFi networks, coronavirus-themed phishing attacks, increased pressure to meet quotas amidst changing economic conditions and the protection of sensitive intellectual property are just some of the new challenges your organization may face over the coming weeks. And the rules and values that govern employee behavior in the office still apply at home.

To help ethics and compliance teams with how you can educate employees who are working remotely about these risks, SAI Global has prepared a free 20-minute training exercise focused on data privacy, theft of company assets, misuse of company time, inaccurate reporting, and fraud.

Designed for all employees and industries, this training, called "Safeguarding Company Assets," is a quick and helpful way to remind your workforce about the policies in your Code of Conduct.

  • Compatible with any device (smartphones, tablets, and computers) 
  • Available in 10 languages 
  • Reviewed by legal subject matter experts
  • Compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA level accessibility standards


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