Tech in Action: Protect Your Workforce Now and in a Post-Pandemic Environment

As businesses navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, they find themselves continually adapting their strategies and tactics to ensure their workers are not at risk from contracting the virus in addition to all other workplace hazards.  Work environments have changed, and more businesses have a remote and mobile workforce that they must also keep safe and well.  

EHS professionals play a crucial role in helping their organizations reinvent themselves to keep their employees safe and well while maintaining sustainable business operations. EHS software and mobile technology offer great potential and businesses need to embrace innovative efforts that help ensure the health, wellbeing and safety of workers.

See how EHS technology can support companies in:

  • Quickly adapting to changing guidelines by streamlining communication to the workforce and improving employee engagement
  • Gaining timely and actionable insights to continually evaluate and adapt strategies and tactics 
  • Keeping employees safe when they return to the workplace where processes and workspaces have been altered
  • Ensuring the safety of mobile workers through smart travel logs for increased visibility on risks

Presenters: Kate Evans, Business Development Manager, and Matthew Craven, Pre-Sales Consultant at SAI Global


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