Case Study: Carrington Mortgage uses SAI360 for Financial Services software

April 2, 2019

Business shifts to SaaS-based workflows to automate controls, boost efficiency, and enhance customer experience


As a mortgage servicing organization, a large volume of paperwork routes through Carrington’s Research Department on a daily basis to resolve incidents, which may include questions about specific loan files, payoff requests, and customer disputes.

In the past, the company relied on lengthy, mostly manual processes for tracking the necessary information to respond to customers. This process provided limited visibility into the incident pipeline and made daily management difficult. With the addition of 40 departmental associates in just four years to support the company’s continued trajectory of growth and expansion into new markets, Carrington knew it needed a solution to improve the management of incidents to drive the success of the Research Department and, ultimately, the business.

Carrington selected SAI360 for Financial Services software, already in use in other areas of the company, because it proved to be the optimal system for its team.

50% reduction in time to process an incident

Since implementing SAI360 for Financial Services, Carrington has managed over 94,000 incidents with better reporting and shorter timelines to complete tasks than its traditional method, which is critical to meeting the strict deadlines necessary for regulatory compliance. In fact, the time it now takes the Research Department to process an incident has been reduced by 50 percent.




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