Free Trial: SAI Global's Third-Party Express Software for 30 Days for your Pandemic Response

Instant free access to SAI Global’s Third-Party Express software for 30 days for qualified U.S. organizations

Given the broad impact of COVID-19 on the global supply chain and cybersecurity, organizations need to assess their vendors and suppliers to determine which are critical to operations and most likely to be impacted.

As organizations race to keep up with the challenges of assessing their vendors during the pandemic, they need automated assessments, workflows, reminders and reporting that are only found in a vendor risk management (VRM) software solution.

SAI Global is offering free 30-day access to our Third-Party Express software for organizations to automate and scale the vendor risk process to ensure the resilience of their supply chain and third parties.

Our free Third-Party Express offer includes access to our VRM software, best practices and dedicated support:

  • Instant free access to our Third-Party Express software for a 30-day period to help companies through the pandemic
  • Built-in vendor pandemic questionnaire to evaluate risks associated with vendors
  • Reporting with our COVID-19 dashboard that displays risk scores associated with the impact of the pandemic
  • Access to built-in help resources and best practices 
  • Support from a Dedicated Account Manager to help you through every step of the process 

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Visit our pandemic information center, which includes reading materials, podcasts, videos and other best-practice guidance around managing business continuity, compliance, and risk management amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Learn more about our solutions for managing third-party risk.

Or, request a demo to see how SAI Global has helped organizations like yours.

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