Is Our [Business Continuity] Profession at a Crossroads?

November 4, 2020 James Green

In DRJ, James Green questions the perception of Business Continuity Specialists: “During a global pandemic, are we not more valuable than ever? What are we trying to achieve? Are we still relevant?”

As the world turned upside down this year, my new morning routine has become this: wake up, workout, meditate, stretch, shower, and catch up on what’s going on in the world while I drink a few cups of coffee, the last great vice.

In full disclosure that is my GOAL morning routine, and it is quite often derailed by late nights and stress. But one part of that routine remains constant: catching up on what happened overnight.

As I work through my traditional news sources and end up on social media, there is one type of troubling post on LinkedIn I am seeing with more and more frequency.

It goes something like this: “Today will be my last day at GlobalCorp. I have enjoyed my time working in the business continuity department and am looking forward to my next chapter.”

Have you seen something similar? I notice a few of these a week now, and have for months.

My heart goes out to all of our colleagues who have lost their job this year. This is an issue that hits close to home for me. One of my best friends and multiple members of my immediate family, including my wife, have all been laid off since March.

Amidst all of the carnage, there is an issue with which I have been struggling: 

How can a company layoff business continuity staff during the biggest global business continuity event of my lifetime?

Read the article in Disaster Recovery Journal (Fall 2020 issue)




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About the Author

James Green

James Green is Director, Risk Advisory Services at SAI Global. He is passionate about life safety and helps the C-Suite understand the importance of business continuity not just during an emergency, but as an integral part of day to day operations. He has worked on risk events that have occurred all over the globe, including civil unrest in Egypt during the Arab Spring, executive travel and protection in the Pacific Rim, and the effects of destructive tornadoes in Oklahoma.

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