Free Trial: BCM Software for your Pandemic Response

Get access to SAI Global’s Business Continuity Management software free for 45 days

According to participants in our recent Resilience 2020 virtual event, over 50% of BCM practitioners do not use business continuity management software today. The response required for a global pandemic necessitates an efficient process and reporting that can scale. To be resilient, you need automated workflows, plans, communications and reporting that are only found in a business continuity management solution.

As business continuity professionals race to keep up with the challenges brought on by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak, SAI Global is offering free 45-day access to our software for organizations to respond to resilience challenges and plan to return to the new normal.

We are in this together.

Our free business continuity management software offer includes BCM software, training, best practices and dedicated support:

  • Free access to our newly launched business continuity software for a 45-day period
  • Powerful executive reports with COVID-19 dashboard to improve your decision-making
  • Short readiness assessment with our BCM Risk Advisory team for U.S.-based organizations
  • 1-on-1 coaching and online support from our customer service team
  • Access to online help with built-in best practices
  • A dedicated Account Manager for every step of the process
  • Real-time pandemic response thought-leadership and resources

Contact us and see if this 45-day free access is right for you:



Additional resources

SAI Global hosted a set of in-the-moment webinars on business continuity planning and management during the coronavirus pandemic, Resilience 2020. We covered best practices for BCP teams as well as insights from experts on remote work, crisis communications, and vendor risks in a dynamic supply chain. Recorded March 16-17, they're all available to replay on-demand.

Visit our pandemic information resource hub, which includes reading materials, podcasts, downloadable videos and training and other best-practice guidance around managing business continuity, compliance, and risk management amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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