Using Data for Competitive Advantage in the Quick Service Restaurant Industry

August 22, 2017

As new data floods into each restaurant, from both internal and external channels, QSR chains need to recognise the value of aggregated data to solve industry challenges.


Technology companies aren't the only ones using big data to make better business decisions. Fueled by fierce competition, mobile technology and fickle consumer tastes, the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry is undergoing massive change.

To meet these challenges, QSR chains can leverage aggregated data to identify and address trends early to gain competitive edge and reduce risk. 

At an operational level, the ability to gather and harness data effectively is critical to success in everything from choosing store locations, better serving customers, introducing new menu selections to reducing waste and supporting franchisees.

In our whitepaper Using data for competitive advantage in the quick service restaurant industry, SAI Global experts Kevin Goodwin and Margaret Fliss discuss the business benefits of using data-driven insights to solve the challenges of operating cost controls, brand differentiation, changing consumer preferences, food safety and waste, third-party delivery services, customer experience metrics, franchise analytics and more.


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