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September 24, 2019



With new books being published more regularly on the topics of compliance, ethics, risk, and business culture, the SAI Global team decided that we should start a book club to read and discuss them. If you’re reading this, you’re invited to join us!  


The SAI Global Compliance Book Club is open to everyone, and our inaugural selection is Fully Compliant: Compliance Training to Change Behavior by Travis Waugh.  


It’s a quick 179 page read that’s loaded with use-cases, research, great analogies, and practical resources like “The Compliance Training Analysis Form” and “A Behavioral Training Plan Sample” that are designed to help you operationalize some of the lessons and ideas Travis shares in the book. The heart of the book is about modernizing how compliance training is thought of, built, and consumed, because “compliance training succeeds when you balance the needs of not just the organization but also the employees who you hope will learn and change their behavior.”  


We’re delighted to be partnering with Travis and his publisher, ATD, for the first meeting of this new club, and what we feel is the perfect book to start with.   


Here’s how Compliance Book Club works: 


  1. Win, buy, or borrow a copy Fully Compliant: Compliance Training to Change Behavior – you can purchase it on Amazon, from the publisher’s website, at your local bookstore, or even borrow it from your library. We’re also raffling away 5 free copies to our community – to enter, like and share this post on LinkedIn, or visit our website and complete the form.  
    The retail value of the book is under $40, and as low as $25 depending where you buy it, so it won’t break the bank, and if you do win our raffle, it shouldn’t violate your internal gifts, entertainment, or bribery policies. Raffle winners will be announced on Tuesday, October 8th 

  1. Read it by Wednesday, November 20th  Take it down all at once on a lazy weekend afternoon, break it into a few manageable chunks during your commutes to work, or commit to reading a chapter each night before bed. There are 3 main parts to the book; The Law, The Learners, and The Future. Earmark your favorite pages, highlight your favorite passages, and share it with a colleague when you’re done.  


  1. Attend our Fireside Chat with the author, Travis Waugh we’re hosting a Q&A and discussion with Travis Waugh, the book’s author, on Thursday, November 21st. You can register to attend for free here and submit questions for Travis by commenting on this post or emailing bookclub@saiglobal.comIn addition to answering questions from the Compliance Book Club, Travis will cover some of the key themes, his views on compliance training, and discuss the process of writing the book.  



We’re announcing and launching this club today, on National Compliance Officer Day, because both share a common goal at their core; to bring ethics and compliance professionals together. We look forward to discussing this book with you all this November, and appreciate both Travis Waugh and his publisher, ATD, volunteering their time and resources to help the compliance community. Happy reading!  



About the Author  


Travis Waugh is an instructional designer, developer, speaker, and author with specialized interests in philosophy, psychology, technology, and law. He has spent the last 15 years creating relevant, timely learning programs for professionals in a variety of settings, from international language schools to corporate America and higher education. As a dedicated learning professional, Travis tries, above all else, never to waste anyone’s time. In his personal life, Travis is an avid sports fan, classic movie buff, and proud father of a one-year old son. He is motivated by his dogged belief that people are generally good, and always worthy of good learning and development.  

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