Predicting Risk: A Strategic Culture Framework for the C-Suite

A deep exploration of the disconnect between organizational culture, values, and behavior 

Today’s business operates in an environment of profound change and unprecedented complexity. As technology disrupts traditional organizational models, demographic shifts surface new people challenges, and global supply chains create deeper risk, employees are increasingly likely to face difficult ethical challenges. This is why managing the context in which people make decisions – your organization's culture – has never been more important. 

SAI Global’s Strategic Culture Framework was designed to help your organization measure its ethical capacity and the degree to which the culture delegates avoidable ethical dilemmas to internal stakeholders. By unwinding these two dimensions, the framework helps you identify and bridge the gap between stated values and actual behaviors, setting the foundation for a strong, ethical culture. 

Based on the latest research on behavioral science, the framework is both a highly diagnostic tool and a powerful design template senior leaders can use to frame strategic conversations around risk, measure the effectiveness of the programs they have in place to mitigate risk, and recalibrate the processes, systems, and business activities that influence their organization's culture. 

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