Document Management & Workflow Services

Many organizations are outsourcing their document management and processing activity in an attempt to reduce business overheads and expensive setup costs. SAI Global can help you to free up staff to concentrate on your core business.

Document Management & Workflow Services 

If you require a secure end-to-end service which includes the management of individual processing activities, we can help you.

Our full suite of document management services include: 

  • Mail receipt and preparation  

  • Receipt and processing of faxes and/or emails

  • Customer document scanning

  • Automated data capture

  • Data matching against existing databases

  • Document validation and verification

  • Customizing workflow to perform document processes prior to actual uploading to our Document Management System (DMS) or to clients' business systems

  • Document retrieval via: 

    1. Our DMS or
    2. Link to client business systems

  • Records management (file\document tracking, physical filing, retrieval and refiling)

  • Receipt and examination of third-party hard-copy documents  

  • Workflow and queue management after uploading

    The key benefits of managing this end-to-end service via our DMS:

  • Easy access by multiple users, enabling more than one user to view documents simultaneously.
  • Manages business processes throughout the lifecycle of the document
  • Sends alerts to clients when workflow activities have been completed i.e., documents have been scanned and loaded into the system and are available for viewing.
  • Allows matter and cases to be tracked at both a file and document level, indicating where items are currently sitting i.e. SAI Global's  secure document storage room and other locations within the organization, minimizing the risk of documents being lost.
  • Direct linkage with client record providers (custodians) enabling easy tracking of the receipt and consignment of documents.

    For more information about how we can help, call our Helpdesk at 1300 730 000 or complete our Contact Us and we will contact you.