• Manage third party risk effectively,
    even when you don't see it coming

    • Third party risk is a risk stemming from doing business with an outsourced provider.

      The risk exposure is broad and can include business damage, such as lost customers because of poor quality service, data breaches from ineffective security practices, or food contamination resulting from sub-optimal testing standards.

      • With external help comes
        external risk

        Businesses rely heavily on third parties. You need to understand their benefits and risks.
      • Move beyond
        rows and columns

        Data tells you where you are. Insights tell you where to go. Get compliance insights.
      • Anti-bribery and corruption programmes shape behavior

        The World Bank estimates US $1 trillion is offered in bribes every year.
      • The exponential risk increase
        with business partners

        As supply chains become complex webs of suppliers, risks compound.
      • Global trends in
        supply chain risk

        Seven key statistics focusing on global supply chain risk.
      • Read more about SAI Global's Consumer Trust Index

        SAI Global partnered with a research organization and surveyed more than 3000 consumers worldwide to learn more about trust. From this, we created The Consumer Trust Index, and it reveals the dynamics of consumer trust, including how it's built and protected.

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