• Defending the world's food supply from
    adulteration is now a global health priority

    • Unsafe food causes illness in millions of people every year and is sometimes fatal. That's why the manufacture and delivery of safe food to consumers worldwide has been identified as a global health priority, and is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world.

      A comprehensive risk strategy lets organizations ensure they meet standards and regulatory and supplier obligations. This approach streamlines safety management protocols, minimizes hazards, and instills trust in food production and safety practices.

      • What you need to know
        about FSMA changes

        You can’t afford to wait until near the deadline before taking action.
      • I'll have a convenience sandwich
        and a side of technology

        Rising costs and increased competition drive big changes in the QSR industry.
      • Culture eats
        strategy for breakfast

        A strong safety culture helps you achieve one of your biggest goals: satisfied customers.
      • Bring your food risk
        blind spots into vision

        Greater awareness of supply chain risks can mitigate disasters.
      • Contrasting food safety, food
        defense and food fraud

        Correctly factor in all three to develop an integrated food defense plan.
      • The exponential increase
        of food risk

        As supply chains become complex webs of suppliers, risks compound.
      • Read more about SAI Global's Consumer Trust Index

        SAI Global partnered with a research organization and surveyed more than 3000 consumers worldwide to learn more about trust. From this, we created The Consumer Trust Index, and it reveals the dynamics of consumer trust, including how it's built and protected.

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