• Understand the impact of your organization's
    exposure and risk to digital and cyberthreats

    • Security threats arrive in multiple flavors: informational, operational, and physical. A truly comprehensive approach to IT risk management across your organization provides insight necessary to create a secure and risk-optimized business environment.

      Business and digital-savvy professionals recognize these multiple channels. Accordingly, they seek out knowledge and solutions to mitigate, automate, and report security risk management activities.

      • The new General Data Protection Regulation affects your customers

        The new GDPR brings strict requirements around data management and security.
      • How the GDPR affects
        financial institutions

        Read how financial services are more than prepared for the new GDPR.
      • Aflac capitalizes on
        technology GRC revamp

        Read how Aflac saved on resources for an intelligent risk management approach.
      • The ever-changing face
        of data privacy

        Read an expert's opinion on the latest around data privacy and protection.
      • How leading organizations across the world size up digital risk

        Read what global financial services companies say about risk management trends.
      • Read more about SAI Global's Consumer Trust Index

        SAI Global partnered with a research organization and surveyed more than 3000 consumers worldwide to learn more about trust. From this, we created The Consumer Trust Index, and it reveals the dynamics of consumer trust, including how it's built and protected.

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