• Minimize your organization's exposure to risk
    by understanding your limits of compliance

    • Compliance with varying laws and regulations is crucial for any organization's survival. However, staying abreast of the latest changes presents a challenge. Forgetting or overlooking is more than just a simple mistake; it could be costly by many measures.

      Prevention is key - organizations with a built-in ethics culture ensure sound, safe decision-making is part of their every-day operations. Sound judgement and decision-making lead to employee and customer loyalty and satisfaction, not to mention shareholder confidence.

      • Why do
        standards exist?

        Product and service standards have been one of the biggest life-savers of the last 100 years.
      • Our finger on the pulse of compliance and ethics trends

        Compliance and ethics is poised to experience major changes and significant improvements.
      • Finding it difficult to keep up with regulatory changes?

        Link regulations, policies, exam and audits on a single platform
      • Anti-bribery and corruption programs shape behavior

        Better monitor SLAs, manage contracts, conduct due diligence, and on-board vendors
      • The increasing compliance for utility companies

        Are the additional compliance burdens on utility companies justified?
      • Do incidents have you scrambling for root cause?

        Real-time access to incident response, investigation, reporting, and work papers
      • Read more about SAI Global's Consumer Trust Index

        SAI Global partnered with a research organization and surveyed more than 3000 consumers worldwide to learn more about trust. From this, we created The Consumer Trust Index, and it reveals the dynamics of consumer trust, including how it's built and protected.

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