Key Benefits

How it works

Interactive dashboards allow you to demonstrate heat maps, risk summaries, and controls matrices by drawing on quantifiable risk data.

Frameworks to facilitate the identification of known risks and their related controls. The inventory of risks can be organized by process and/or by company objectives. Flexible design for top-down and bottom-up risk assessments.

Consistently apply a current and well-developed approach to evaluation and testing of controls to prove they are designed and functioning correctly.

Workflows create audit trails to transition from manual to automated controls, including reviewer and approvers, system generated alerts, and reminders that record the who, what and when of processes.

KRIs quickly measure, track, and assess potential risks by notifying stakeholders with automatic alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

Virtual Evidence Room delivers an actionable audit-ready view of your enterprise risk management program allowing you to link risk to regulations, controls and policies and electronically share files with examiners and other third parties.

To drive accountability, record and track risks and controls across your enterprise with assigned owners.

 A repository for documents to be easily stored and retrieved. Information can be stored against each document, including the owner, title, and date of last review.

Solutions are available on-premise or SaaS with no hardware or software to install, deploy or maintain. 

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