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Training and Competency management module tracks who has the right competencies for a job and who needs training.

Organizations can manage competency and training requirements, schedule courses and track training outcomes.

The Incident Management module has workflow capabilities to manage incidents and near misses.

It integrates detailed Injury recording, including tracking of days lost or away from work, Investigation, Root Cause Analysis, 5 Why's, and Lessons Learned elements.

The Audit module supports the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology that measures compliance of safety management systems. It has reusable templates, powerful questionnaires, and can track findings and non-conformances. Audits can be scheduled and completed using our mobile application.

The Inspection module enables organizations to record details of each Inspection and can be used to ensure each relevant finding has corresponding corrective or preventative actions assigned to the appropriate person. It is also available on our mobile application.

The Safety Observations module identifies at-risk and desired behaviors and improvement opportunities.

The process is supported by checklists and can be used on our mobile application.

The Chemical Register module allows organizations to maintain an easily accessible and up-to-date catalog of all chemicals used and stored in a workplace.

It has safety data sheet information and is available on the mobile application. Reminders are sent when safety data sheets are about to expire.

The Safety Alert module provides a systematic approach to send safety information across the organisation to increase awareness, reduce at-risk behaviors and prevent incidents. Meeting Management allows attendees, absentees, dates, times, topics discussed, and any actions to be recorded.  

The Contractor Safety Management module helps from initial contract pre-qualification to ongoing contractor management and monitoring.

Key features include pre-qualification and insurance review, automated reminders of insurance expiry and review dates, and induction tracking.  

Interactive reports and dashboards provide combined leading and lagging indicators, and an aggregated view of information across all modules. Users can also use data analytics and reporting tools to create custom reports and dashboards, and analyze data as needed.

Integrate enterprise and asset information from other solutions and IoT devices using powerful data integration tools and web services capabilities.  

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