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The Risk Management module facilitates identifying, assessing and treating risks. Risk Appetite combined with regular risk assessments then drives workflow, risk mitigation processes and risk appetite exceedance reporting with Key Risk Indicators (KRI's).

The Control Register provides a centralized tool to effectively manage controls to mitigate hazards and risks identified as part of the enterprise-wide risk management process. Control verification can be scheduled and undertaken using our mobile application.

The solution provides a centralized system to monitor and control hazards. The Hazard Identification process is a comprehensive tool to capture, analyze and report hazards. When combined with our mobile app, hazards are identified and dealt with in a timely manner.

Leverage a library of JHA's to be developed and accessed by relevant personnel. Gain ability to record job details, job tasks, hazards, risks and controls. JHAs can be retrieved via mobile or a printable easy-to-read Job Cards with visuals.

The Management of Change (MOC) module mitigates risk in the change process by enforcing a standardized approach to implementing change, with structured review and approval stages. Post-change implementation, a formal review can assess the change's effectiveness.

The Incident Management module has workflow capabilities to manage different types of incidents and near misses. It includes Investigation, Root Cause Analysis, 5 Why's, and Lessons Learned elements.

The Obligations Management module automates and simplifies this process. Owners can be assigned with action plans that include triggers such as emails, escalations and reports to ensure compliance stays on track.

The Audit module supports a Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology that ensures early identification of operational risk. It has reusable templates, powerful questionnaires and can track findings and non-conformances. Audits can be scheduled and completed using our mobile application.

Interactive reports and dashboards provide combined leading and lagging indicators, and an aggregated view of information across all modules. Users leverage data analytics and reporting tools to create custom reports and dashboards, and analyze data.

Integrate enterprise and asset information from other solutions and IoT devices using powerful data integration tools and web services capabilities.  

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