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The Health Test module tracks and monitors Audiogram, Biological Monitoring, Chest X-Ray, General Physical, Spirometry, Treatment, Vision Test and more. Results can be analyzed and notifications automatically sent per regulatory requirements.

This module coordinates and monitors usage requirements of respirators by workers including Referrals for Respirators, Medical Evaluation for Respirator Questionnaire and Respirator Fit Tests.

Annual referrals are automated to ensure ongoing worker protection.

This module records test date and time, who conducted testing and test results. The person tested can be recorded or an anonymous reference can be included.

The Ergonomic Assessment module makes use of a questionnaire-based evaluation to undertake assessments. The workflow and questionnaire can be fully configured for different jobs and tasks applicable to your organization. 

A comprehensive work space: performs qualitative assessments of exposure; prepares and implements sampling plans; establishes similar/homogeneous exposure groups; records collection of quantitative samples; analyzes sample results to anticipate health risks.

Return to work capability enables employees, their supervisor, specialized staff and occupational health staff to cooperatively develop return to work plans for injured employees. Follow-ups with injured employees can be set-up and tracked. Progress against plans can be monitored.

As part of our Injury Case Management module, workers' compensation cost information can be collated from various sources to give more in-depth analysis of specific incident and subsequent monetary costs. Workers compensation expenses and benefits/payments paid or reimbursed can be recorded.

Early Intervention captures a time-stamped log of case notes and any medical certificates. Certificates track suitability for duty and restrictions.

Early intervention assists an organization to proactively intervene before an injury or illness, or assist employees with non-work related illnesses that may impact their performance and safety.

Interactive reports and dashboards provide combined leading and lagging indicators, and an aggregated view of information across all modules. Users leverage data analytics and reporting tools to create custom reports and dashboards, and analyze data.

Import data from laboratories, monitoring devices and other systems with powerful data integration tools and web services capabilities.  

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