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Automate data collection, emissions calculations, reporting and analytics in one centralized solution. The emissions data can be included in reports required by regulations such as Energy Reporting Scheme (NGERS), GHG MRR, and Clean Air Act (CAA).

Leverage workflow capabilities to manage environmental incidents and near misses, Investigation, Root Cause Analysis, 5 Why's, and Lessons Learned elements. 

Supports a Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology that ensures early identification of non-compliance risk. Leverage reusable templates, powerful questionnaires, and track findings and non-conformance's. Audits can be scheduled and completed using our mobile application.

A centralized register of all permits with expiry date reminders ensures permits are always current. Tracks conditions, monitoring plans and tasks. Compare captured data against condition limits. Get notified when tasks are not done or limits are exceeded, and resolve variations quickly.

Tracks the various stages of waste management and disposal to ensure compliance with regulations. Waste-related data can be reported at any time to aid in the planning of effective waste management, waste minimization and environmental responsibility.

Record key environmental and sustainability metrics such as fuel, water and power usage to understand usage patterns and effectively manage costs. Data can be entered in preferred unit of measure and the system converts them to the required reporting units.  

  • Delivers effective management of key stakeholders.
  • View all meeting outcomes, communications, complaints/concerns, initiatives, and actions taken.
  • Use information for your Corporate Annual Reports to prove commitments.

Provides a systematic approach to assess, control and reduce significant environmental impacts. Easily demonstrate environmental impacts are measured and, continually revise and improve controls for enhanced environmental performance.

Interactive reports and dashboards provide combined leading and lagging indicators, and an aggregated view of information across all modules. Users can leverage data analytics and reporting tools to create custom reports and dashboards, and analyze data as needed.

Integrate enterprise and asset information from other solutions, sensors and IoT devices using powerful data integration tools and web services capabilities.  

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