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An integrated approach to advance confidently

How it works

Maximize scarce resources with built-in assessments and surveys to identify data privacy gaps and next steps. Implement GDPR, CCPA or other regulation-specific templates and controls.

Drive compliance by organizing every important record for data privacy compliance in an organizational structure that allows easy monitoring of progression and accountability. Register all services that involve processing of personal data, related systems and vendors using a step-by-step wizard.

Ensure accountability by organizing records for regulatory compliance to support execution and reporting as well as measure progression. Gather all records obtained through the portal and cross-reference records from other integrated systems for a full record.

Never fail to report a data breach. Leverage an automated ticket system to document data breaches, understand if breaches meet reporting criteria and automatically establish an audit trail. Respond to breaches within 72 hours and notify data subjects with a pre-configured incident response workflow.

Demonstrate robust data protection strategies by registering pertinent phone and email communications between regulators and stakeholders. Never miss required actions with automated workflow rules. Quickly reference communications in a central evidence register when responding to regulator requests.

Triage data subject requests with customizable workflows to categorize, centralize and manage next steps. Log subject requests with a preconfigured workflow to fulfill requests or explain why they cannot be fulfilled.

Extend your data privacy solution with Consent Management to record explicit consent from data subjects with one-click links in emails; GDPR Policy Management; Advanced Subject Rights portal; and Advanced Correspondence Register with integrated email capture.

SAI Global's Ethics & Learning Solutions offers a five-module online course, Global Data Protection (Basic), as well as an animated video entitled GDPR: Protection that Travels to help with pre- and post-training communications.


  • Module 1: Privacy in a Changing World
  • Module 2: Privacy Principles
  • Module 3: Personal Data in the Digital World
  • Module 4: Transferring Data
  • Module 5: Breaches and Penalties


Advanced training content is also available.

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