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Readiness assessments, Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and Pre-DPIA surveys are included to allow you to quickly identify gaps in your processes, identify which services require a full DPIA, and execute the DPIA as needed.

The GDPR Portal is a step-by-step wizard facilitating registration of all the information about all records in the GDPR Universe. All services that involve processing of personal data are registered, along with related systems and vendors.

Organize records for GDPR compliance to support execution and reporting, measure progression and ensure accountability. Gather all records obtained through the portal and cross-reference records from other integrated systems for a full record.

Breach management provides a system to document data breaches, determine if they meet criteria to be reported, and if so report them to the appropriate authorities and if needed to the individuals affected--within the legally required time frames.

The Correspondence Register is used to capture exchanges between regulators and internal/external stakeholders on data privacy-related topics. Workflow rules can be created to automate any actions required with these records.

Subject Rights Management allows requests from data subjects to be categorized, centralized, and managed, with customizable workflows for treating them depending on the scenario.

Extend your data privacy solution with Consent Management to record explicit consent from data subjects with one-click links in emails; GDPR Policy Management; Advanced Subject Rights portal; and Advanced Correspondence Register with integrated email capture.

SAI Global's Ethics & Learning Solutions offers a five-module online course, Global Data Protection (Basic), as well as an animated video entitled GDPR: Protection that Travels to help with pre- and post-training communications.


  • Module 1: Privacy in a Changing World
  • Module 2: Privacy Principles
  • Module 3: Personal Data in the Digital World
  • Module 4: Transferring Data
  • Module 5: Breaches and Penalties


Advanced training content is also available.

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