Key Benefits

How it works

Virtual Evidence Room® delivers an actionable audit-ready view of organization's compliance management system. It lets customers share files with examiners and link regulations to policies, risk and controls.

Pre-configured workflow templates standardize processes with ability to modify and create new, custom workflows that address specific needs.

Questionnaire and free-form assessment methodologies are driven by the automatic distribution of assessments to multiple employees at a time.

Ability to automate management of corrective action plans for areas identified with compliance gaps.

Automated alerts and reminders for assessment activities and tasks related to corrective action plans.

Automatic audit trail shows date, time and activity footprints of users' access and changes to information.

Configurable reports and online dashboards monitor the compliance program.

Establish system-of-record for compliance, risk and audit management.

Maintain a continuous state of readiness for audits, surveys and exams.

Streamline and direct internal audits into prioritized areas. 

Why SAI Global

Regulatory change is part of our Compliance Risk Solution

Stay current with legal and regulatory changes.