Key Benefits

How it Works

As tasks are assigned, ResilienceONE takes users step-by-step through completing tasks using planning workflows that are automatically created. Administrators can easily configure workflows with specific instructions per task.

ResilienceONE's Command Center provides live, step-by-step recovery tracking and testing for multiple disasters. Plans display based on incident impact. 

When adding or changing a field in ResilienceONE, proprietary Smart Field Technology™ automatically populates all related screens, plans, and reports-saving significant time. 

ResilienceONE integrates with a variety of systems and data sources-including emergency notification platforms, conference calling services and GET/POST capabilities. 

Activate your plans on-the-fly. Users quickly view tasks, report status and communicate via SMS, e-mails and calls. ResilienceONE's App is available on iTunes and Google Play. 

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