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Property Certificates, Settlements & Conveyancing

Property Certificates, Settlements & Conveyancing

SAI Global can help you service your clients and improve the efficiencies in your business with a range of property-related products and services. We know how to help you simplify your business.


Products & Services

Property Search Manager

Gain easy access to essential property certificates required for the sale, purchase, and development of land in Australia.

Settlement Room

Streamline your settlement processes, by sharing, comparing, and agreeing to details prior to settlement, online.

Settlement Manager

Banks and financial institutions can centralize settlement activity and track the status of matters as they move through to completion.

Conveyancing Directory

Nominate how you would like to receive communications related to settlement transactions by joining our complete register of licensed conveyancers and solicitors. Register to be on the Conveyancing Directory.

Conveyancing Manager

A workflow solution, integrated with Search and Settlement Room which helps conveyancers and solicitors build efficiencies and scalability into their conveyancing operations.


Mitigate risk on behalf of your client by purchasing title insurance via Search Manager

Product Services

Get the most from our products and services by accessing a range of training, implementation, and support services.

Specialized Legal Agent Services

Save time and money by having us attend titles offices, courts, government departments, VCAT, ASIC, AFSA, and conduct manual searches on behalf of our legal, conveyancing, and other business clients.


SAI Global can provide you with all the necessary software, systems, and services to complete the settlement successfully, regardless of whether it is manual or electronic.

Property Enquiry Report

The Property Enquiry Report contains a unique summary of key details from government, local authorities and other relevant sources, digitising the key information that is critical to the conveyancing process at the earliest possible point in the transaction.   It uses an easy-to-understand traffic light system to clearly identify and summarise key details about a property, its ownership and any registered interests allowing you to clearly identify any potential risks.

Outsourced Information Services

Transform data into reliable information and actionable business intelligence. Bulk and tailored searching services make it easy to order up to 2000 land title or Australian Securities and Investments Commission searches, or request tailored searches that combine property and commercial data.

Practice Evolve

Lawyers who manage their time more efficiently provide better legal counsel to clients and increase billable hours. Practice Evolve™ is a complete paperless legal and conveyancing practice management system that streamlines all practice areas on one powerful platform and eliminates inefficiency.

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The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is now over 5.5 years old, but secured parties are still getting things wrong resulting in additional time, effort and costs.

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With all of the focus on PEXA right now, it is easy to forget that underlying the new technology for settlement and lodgement lays a new compliance framework for property transactions. 


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Conveyancing professionals mitigate risk at the due diligence stage Mitigate risk at the due diligence stage When ordering property certificates, whether for a client buying or selling or any other purpos ...

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At SAI Global Property we actively work to support industry reforms, boost collaboration and improve industry policies and practices so that everyone benefits.

SAI Global News

Australia's Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) has announced the appointment of SAI Global as an approved information broker to NSW government agencies and local councils.

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At SAI Global’s Property Division, we always strive to put our customers first by delivering quality service in an efficient way with a rewarding experience.

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