Innovators in Environmental Health and Safety

2016 independent report highlights strengths & mobile capability.


Globalisation, sustainability issues, complex supply chains, and increased regulatory pressure present significant challenges for the effective management of Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance.  

As a result, leading companies are now reframing their EH&S strategies in the context of operational risk management as they look to move beyond simply fulfilling compliance requirements. This means taking a fresh approach, and considering how EH&S risk is managed across the entire risk life-cycle and how it intersects with other risks across the enterprise, such as 3rd Party Risk and Process Risk.

SAI Global's Cintellate™ EH&S Software enables organisations to break down and map complex objectives and targets into clearly defined processes and simple steps. Cintellate™ Roam has been recently recognised in the Verdantix* - Green Quadrant EH&S Software 2016 report for innovation in mobile functionality. Cintellate™ was also recognised for its strong incident and safety management capabilities across key safety leading indicators

SAI Global helps companies, across a wide range of industries manage their EH&S risk across the whole risk life cycle.


Discover and Assess, Develop Policies, Procedures and Controls, Evaluate and Improve with SAI Global's Cintellate™ - EH&S Risk Management Software.

Cintellate's ™ suite of modules is enhanced with Roam's mobile capability for capturing data in the field. Gain proactive risk insight into where to focus training and remedial activity.  Drive transparency and accountability across the enterprise. 


Track legal or other regulatory requirements through the Obligations module and improve your overall effectiveness in managing EH&S risk and compliance activities.


Measure the ROI of your EH&S risk management framework with year on year comparisons. Utilise dashboards and reports from Cintellate™ to continually evaluate performance, reduce risk and improve business performance.


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Train and Communicate:


SAI Global can provide a wide range of training options including help to prepare you for migration to the proposed standard, ISO-DIS 45001. Click here to learn more.

Monitor, Audit and Act:


Ensure your EH&S systems and processes meet industry standards. Audit and certify your business to protect your employees, customers, your business and your brand. 


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DIS/ISO 45001 OH&S Management System

DIS/ISO 45001 OH&S Management System the draft version of the first international health and safety management systems standard to apply to organisations across the world. This standard is still in development, but it will help organisations manage their processes and risks in a systematic and consistent way.


Already certified to AS/NZS 4801?

Download our Whitepaper to AS/NZS 4801 and learn more about ISO/DIS 45001 and how SAI Global is helping companies with all their EH&S Management challenges.


Already certified to OHSAS 18001?

Download our Whitepaper on OHSAS 18001 and learn more about ISO/DIS 45001 and how SAI Global is helping companies with all their EH&S Management challenges.


Read SAI Global's Industry Update.


*Verdantix is an independent analyst firm which provides authoritative data, research, analysis and advice to organisations to succeed with their energy, environment and sustainability strategies. 


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