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Aug 21 2017

Ransomware is headline news almost every day. The financial model that rewards this new type of cyber criminal has been proven; extorting end-users and enterprises for money works.  The list of organisations impacted is truly mindboggling, from health care networks to corporate systems, government agencies and even law enforcement.

Aug 15 2017

The new standard brings with it many important changes, both technical and conceptual, that organisations need to appreciate as they make the transition.

Aug 2 2017

As European businesses and regulators struggle to understand the fallout from the recent slate of ransomware attacks, the global business community is asking fundamental questions about how organisations - particularly large organisations with complex IT requirements, manage their cyber risk.

Jul 14 2017

Conveyancing professionals mitigate risk at the due diligence stage Mitigate risk at the due diligence stage When ordering property certificates, whether for a client buying or selling or any other purpose, it is often hard to work out which ones will add value to your customer and manage their c

Jul 13 2017

Honouring food safety and sustainability professionals - In recognition for his work helping to secure ocean environments through fisheries sustainability certification, SAI Global's Dr Ivan Mateo was named Auditor of the Year at the Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SoFHT) Awards.

Jun 22 2017

At SAI Global we understand that while each ethics and compliance training programme will have common goals, one size does not fit all.  A campaign-based approach could add real value.

Jun 9 2017

World Accreditation Day takes place on 9 June each year and this year's theme is 'delivering confidence in construction and the built environment'.

May 19 2017

ISO/DIS 45001 was released on the 12th of February 2016 for comment. Those comments have now been received and a new draft standard is being contemplated.

May 16 2017

In the food industry, ineffective identification and management of these risks results in millions of people becoming ill every year, sometimes with fatal results.

Apr 23 2017

To effectively track performance of environmental management programmes, organisations can no longer simply rely on key performance indicators without also addressing the selection of the right indicators and source data against relevant baseline points.


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