Case Studies

UK-based aerospace and defense company, Meggitt PLC, faced a difficult dual problem - their Code of Conduct messages were inconsistent across their global organization, and more than half their total employees were without online access. With more than 8,000 employees in 50 business sites spanning fourteen countries across Asia, Europe and North America, Meggitt's organizational structure added complexity to the already intricate goal of reviewing, writing and deploying a single Code of Conduct (Code) and ethics training programme worldwide. Read more
What is compliance, what are the key policies, and how can we, as employees, help protect the company reputation and enhance business performance? These are the issues that Johnson Matthey, a speciality chemicals company, needed to communicate and raise awareness of amongst its employees globally. Read more
This case study focuses on a large healthcare network with more than 100 affiliated physician practices and healthcare facilities located in multiple states. The organization provides comprehensive management services to its affiliated practices, enabling them to reduce administrative overhead to focus on providing high quality healthcare services and growing their businesses. Read more
Australia's Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal enhances its ability to create and maintain a healthy and safe workplace by instituting a 'closed loop' process to manage its safety, health and environment compliance obligations. Read more
One of the UK's largest publishers, Trinity Mirror, is taking a pro-active approach to PCI DSS by delivering innovative online training to staff working in key departments. The aim of the training is to raise awareness and understanding of the PCI standard and get employee buy-in to adopting secure practices when processing customer data. Read more
A successful training program requires more than purchasing the right content and rolling it out to employees. Casual approaches to information security training and awareness -- without consideration of the desired results and attention to a company's culture -- may negatively impact the outcome of a full-scale training program. Read more
“SAI Global gave us the complete package fully supported: excellent content and project management with valuable strategic insight.” Read more
In 2008 a newly formed Global Compliance Team were given the task to establish, drive and embed a culture of ethics and integrity at a leading Pharmaceuticals company. Read more
A few quotes from Methodist Hospital System about their experience with Compliance 360® GRC Software Read more
A few quotes from Ministry Health Care about their experience with Compliance 360® GRC Software Read more