Johnson Controls International builds an award winning ethics and compliance program

Learn how the company transformed from a traditional to modern ethics and compliance program


“SAI Global has been a long-term strategic partner. The team has been very supportive through our program transformation project and results have been very positive.”

Bernie Barber

Director of Global Compliance Programs


Johnson Controls International (JCI) worked with SAI Global to transform their global ethics and compliance (E&C) program. At the heart of this relationship was a complete transformation from a traditional ten-hour experience to a program that satisfied employees, saved time and money, and was rich with analytics. As a result, Johnson Control International's program and courses won Gold at the 2017 Brandon Hall Awards for “Best Advance in Compliance Training.” 


Johnson Controls International is a global diversified technology and multi-industrial leader, creating intelligent buildings, efficient energy solutions, integrated infrastructure and next generation transportation systems. With revenues of $30 billion, Johnson Controls has 120,000 employees in more than 2,000 locations serving customers across 150 countries. Risk area topics in Johnson Controls' program include Conflicts of Interest, Gifts & Entertainment, Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption, Data Privacy, Trade Controls, Intellectual Property, Confidential Information, Competitive Intelligence and Fair Competition.


Like most organizations before 2013, their E&C program took a traditional “check the box” approach to training, focused primarily on course completions and due diligence. The challenge was to completely refresh the E&C program with an evolved, modern and learner-focused approach that accomplished key organizational goals. Before this transformation process began, the annual training took between six and ten hours for each employee, the content wasn't always relevant or specific to job roles, and there was minimal data available to measure program effectiveness. This position mirrors what many other global E&C programs looked like at the time, and demonstrates why there needed to be a transformative approach to effective ethics and compliance education.


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Overhauling the ethics and compliance program and implementing a variety of new ways of capturing data and program analytics achieved noteworthy results. A significant decrease in time spent on training and increase in content relevance has led to higher employee satisfaction with the program, as well as a measurable improvements in knowledge retention and program effectiveness. In 2017, Johnson Controls won gold at the 2017 Brandon Hall Awards for “Best Advance in Compliance Training.”