Jul 28 2016

Digital transformation is changing the way that businesses can operate across a range of industries, and the legal industry is no exception. 


Oct 17 2015

With accounting profession under extreme pressure from digital disruption, to be relevant accountants will need to shift from their current reliance on compliance and tax to a much greater emphasis on management accounting and the provision of advisory services.

Oct 8 2015

Lawyer and client communications now take place largely through email and sometimes text or Skype. Learn the risks and benefits this poses.

Oct 3 2015

Benjamin Balk, General Manager of Product and Marketing at SAI Global, discusses a new tool which is set to improve decision-making and reduce errors when assessing and processing commercial loan applications.

Oct 2 2015

The launch of SAI Global's 'Dynamic Company and Securities Report' is set to help mitigate lawyers missing out on critical information. Learn more.

Sep 26 2015

Many argue the billable hour is now dead in the water, placing transaction lawyers under increasing pressure to drop their rates and find more effective ways to manage their costs.

Sep 24 2015

The abundance of information available to lawyers today has increased the risk of overlooking crucial information or a conflicting relationship, a technology GM has warned.

Sep 16 2015

Australia’s banks and financial institutions provide in excess of $650 billion in commercial credit to the market. The majority of commercial loan decisions rely on company and securities checks which provide insights into a business’s ability to manage debt.

Sep 8 2015

By now, you would have heard of commercial information management (CIM). Whether we work in large corporates, for SMEs or in the public sector, information explosion is a phenomenon we cannot deny. One study has found that by 2020, information would be doubled every 73 days. Many professionals across many industries could relate to the explosion of commercial information and the way it impacts on our lives.

Sep 2 2015

We all know something about information management, but what about commercial information management? Do you know CIM is fast becoming an essential skill for many professionals? Not surprisingly, this includes us – legal practice managers.