Mar 26 2019

An update from Heather Mahon, Risk and Compliance  Manager, SAI Global, on the development of the new international standard, ISO 45001.

This update has been prepared for organisations that are certified to OHSAS 18001 and AS/NZS 4801 and who are curious about the development of new standard and what the requirements will be for migration to the new standard.


May 28 2018

Businesses today face increasing levels of complexity and risk. Simultaneously, the pressure to maintain safe working environments, remain highly competitive and meet customer demands are increasing. 

As complexity grows, so does risk sophistication. Our brochure discusses how the adoption of Standards is more than a checkbox activity to please regulators, but provides a sound approach to building a progressive risk-based-thinking culture.

Apr 19 2018

The biggest data privacy risk of all - people! SAI Global offers a complete GDPR solution and a webinar about building a GDPR human firewall.

May 19 2017

At the February 2017 meeting of the ISO Project Committee 283, a decision was made to publish a second version of ISO 45001 International Standard.

Nov 22 2016

Keeping workers safe in a changing regulatory world. Find out how SAI Global can help you keep workers safe in a changing regulatory world. Denis Slade, Business Improvement Analyst at SAI Global, discusses how an effective management system can help you protect your business and provide the bes

Jul 7 2016

On the 23rd of June the British people took a momentous decision for the UK to leave the EU. 'Brexit', as it is known, is some way off but discussion continues on the implications and the process for severing UK's ties with the EU. The timescale for Brexit, although unclear, is not immediate. The UK government must invoke Lisbon treaty Article 50 and negotiating a withdrawal agreement can then begin. Withdrawal can start in 2 years from this date, or when agreement is reached.