Nov 14 2017

With all of the focus on PEXA right now, it is easy to forget that underlying the new technology for settlement and lodgement lays a new compliance framework for property transactions


Nov 10 2017

Read our new interview with Seth Rice, Assistant General Counsel and Global Director of Ethics and Compliance at Kennametal. 

Nov 6 2017

Risks face every organization, and they come in different sizes and shapes. Some are more easily mitigated than others. But for the tougher challenges - third-party risk, supply chain management, ethical decisions around pricing - how do executives go about making those hard decisions? Read on for a glimpse inside the boardroom.

Nov 2 2017

We are proud to announce that SAI Global has been recognised by the BRC Global Standards and rated 5-Star, the highest rating a Certification Body can achieve.

Oct 18 2017

The importance of a good practice management system to a legal practice The importance of a good practice management system to a legal practice “Practice management systems are fundamental to good practice” – Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner, 2015 Following audits that were conducted

Oct 3 2017

With the GDPR law's impact being so extensive (it stretches internationally to companies outside the European Union (EU) that hold data of any EU citizen), businesses are having to take steps very quickly to comply with this law, with a looming deadline of May 25, 2018.

It's a big job that involves a lot of processes, systems and people to efficiently put these practices into place. 

Sep 27 2017

The Consumer Trust Index reveals the dynamics of consumer trust, including how it's built and protected.

Sep 21 2017

How legal practice management software can delight clients and create efficiencies for your business. Practice Management Systems The Law Institute of Victoria has this definition of ‘practice management’ – ‘Practice management involves resources, information, education, decisions and actions to enable the prov

Sep 11 2017

With ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 in various stages of transition, construction firms can now capitalise on the many organisational benefits of integrating their quality, environmental and OHS management systems. Our industry experts discuss the benefits in this informative whitepaper.

Sep 5 2017

The Australian and New Zealand Wiring Rules impacts everyone and the proposed changes will be significant. Keep up to date with developments on the Wiring Rules with the publisher, SAI Global. 

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