Apr 20 2018

Countries worldwide are considering mandatory data breach notification schemes and protocols. And Australia is no different. If your organization is one of the many affected by these new laws that came into effect on 23 February 2018, your people should be a key focus in your continuing efforts to ensure compliance.

Apr 19 2018

The latest GDPR Blog in our series focuses on the biggest data privacy risk of all - people. Understand how to protect your organisation.

Apr 17 2018

SAI Global's product developers and instructional designers have been working with legal entities and subject matter experts to create a new bundle of sexual misconduct and harassment resources that support the needs of your ethics and compliance program in today's business environment.

Apr 12 2018

For many businesses GDPR compliance is now a pressing priority.  There are only a few weeks left before the legislation comes into force and there is still a lot that you can achieve between now and May 25th to set your organization on the path to GDPR compliance.

Apr 5 2018

There will soon be an unprecedented amount of activity relating to GDPR. Is it really that bad or are we just surfing the crest of a prime sales and marketing opportunity?

Mar 31 2018

What do regulators expect of ethics and compliance programs in 2018? In a recent webinar Q&A, we reviewed this topic in-depth, helping compliance professionals understand what a risk-based approach entails and how they can meet and exceed regulatory expectations. 

Mar 29 2018

The case for integrity and transparency in business has never been stronger. Consumers, employees, and employers demand evidence of high ethical standards in the businesses they buy from and work for. Reputations that take years to build can be lost in minutes as a result of ethical failures and, once lost, consumer and employee trust can be hard to rebuild.

Mar 29 2018

It's all over the news: personal data on Facebook has been used without people's consent, for purposes where consent would likely not be given. The shock waves of this scandal shattered global perception about the handling of personal data and raised the visibility of personal data protection and the real impact of data misuse. Companies around the globe now understand their obligations to protect individual's data at the risk of brand reputation. And all of this is happening on the eve of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will come into effect in May. Not only will organizations need to satisfy regulators but perhaps even more importantly, protect their own brand reputation and business resilience.

Mar 27 2018

In 2018, lawyers can visualise a solution to exceed their client's expectations.

Mar 27 2018

Every month, SAI Global's ethics and compliance team hand-picks content from different online publications and shares them on our blog. Here's what you may have missed in the world of ethics, compliance, culture, and risk in March 2018. 

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