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Almost daily we see examples in the press of the negative impact that poor decisions or bad behaviour can have on individuals and organisations.

You need to invest in innovative ways to ensure that your organisations' values are truly shared and adopted. Companies who embrace a risk-based approach to Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) management and who have effective compliance and ethics programs in place, are better protected and capable of thriving in today's highly regulated and fast changing world.


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You need an intelligent, comprehensive approach that really delivers results.

This goes beyond simply having policies and procedures and includes a comprehensive program  incorporating communication strategies, Code of Conduct, tone from the top, tone from the middle, appropriate performance metrics (KPIs), training and a focus on everyday conversations and other interactions with stakeholders. 


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SAI Global is a leading provider of compliance and ethics programs globally. Hear Nicole Grantham, Chief Risk Officer, SAI Global speak about the importance of culture for effective EHS risk management.






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