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Defending the world’s food supply from adulteration is now a global health priority.


Unsafe food causes illness in millions of people every year and in cases it can even be fatal. That's why the manufacture and delivery of safe food to consumers worldwide has been identified as a global health priority, and is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world.

Taking an integrated, holistic approach to managing food risk across the entire food chain is essential to minimise hazards and encourage brand trust.

An essential part of this approach to food risk is uncovering risk blind spots before they become a reality, wreaking havoc on an organisation's reputation and bottom line.

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Developing More Effective Risk Management Strategies in the food Industry

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SAI Global's services and platforms operate across the entire food risk lifecycle allowing businesses to focus on opportunities presented by uncertainty.

Our solutions include:  

Auditing and Certification

With SAI Global's food auditing and certification, you partner with industry experts who are ready to guide you through the certification process and ensure your food safety management system effectively delivers the high levels of control required. Training can be conducted online, at your workplace or at a range of public locations.

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Ecowize Group: gaining a competititve advantage

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Food Training

With our food training and safety courses, you can be confident that all employees involved in food safety management receive continuous training, and demonstrate competency in managing food safety risks. 

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Food Standards 

We can help you create a consistent overall food safety management system incorporating all of the latest government mandated regulations, such as international standards, as well as voluntary and industry schemes. 

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Other Food Risk Resources
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Preparing and Implementing a Food Defense Plan Whitepaper

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