• Develop a smart, ethical workforce
    on a global scale

    • Deploy Prime - Train - Apply - Sustain learning campaigns from a single powerful platform. Our learning management system (LMS) makes it easy to create and deliver learning campaigns, monitor participation and assess performance. Administer ethics training created by SAI Global, your in-house team, or third parties to create a robust learning program that meets your organization's demands.

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      • Gain freedom and flexibility

        Waiting in another department's queue to deploy ethics training, then waiting even longer for status updates can cause unnecessary downtime. Now you can manage all training campaigns independently from a centralized location that's easy to access and control.

        Review and report on organization-wide ethics training campaigns while meeting regulatory requirements with money-saving efficiency.

        • Advice on ethics & learning

        • Empower your employees with flexible learning experiences

          Make the world your classroom. Employees can absorb required content around busy schedules and stay current with mandatory trainings. Whether at home, in the office, or traveling, provide 24/7 access to assigned training from anywhere.

          Learners can pause and restart a course where they left off as schedules demand, and conveniently access content from their computer, web browser or mobile device.

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          • Track learning programs, report progress, remain audit ready

            Monitor company-wide compliance campaign initiatives efficiently and accurately. Detailed and custom reports such as course completion, user transcripts, and group reports make it easy to identify progress of individuals or large groups.

            Link data, content, workflows and people for efficient program administration while addressing demands for increased corporate integrity, improved compliance, and reduced risk.

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