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      Empowering the members of your organization to make ethical choices, act with integrity, and live the values expressed in your Code of Conduct is critical in building a culture of respect and transparency.

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        SAI Global's collection of ethics and compliance learning content on business conduct and corporate culture consists of 58 translated and mobile ready pieces of content, including 13 configurable training courses and 45 communication tools designed to reinforce and apply that training experience throughout the year.

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          By combining our content, services, and campaign-based approach, Johnson Controls was able to build a modern, award winning ethics and compliance program.
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            Leading with Integrity: Managing Respectful Teams is a new five-minute learning experience designed to help managers enhance their influence, build a stronger team, and positively impact workplace culture.


            How it works


            Campaigns strategically extend the reach of your ethics and compliance program beyond a one-off training experience to help support your goals by reducing seat time, keeping employees engaged, and creating opportunities to measure effectiveness. The main components of an ethics and compliance campaign with SAI Global, previewed in the video below, consist of four phases in the learner's journey: Prime, Train, Apply, and Sustain.



            To help build the right campaign-based program for your organization around Business Ethics & Corporate Culture, SAI Global's certified compliance and ethics professionals will act as an extension of your team and walk you through the creation, execution, delivery, and measurement process to ensure that your goals are met.

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