Transition to Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015

Partner with SAI Global for a seamless transition to the new ISO standards.

Controlling the impact your products and services have on the environment is one of the most important management issues faced by businesses.  Doing so ensures that operations not only remain sustainable, but it also helps to conserve the precious resources that make this world a beautiful place.

The ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard has recently been reviewed to meet current market practices.  ISO 14001:2015  provides a framework for an effective environmental management system which can be adopted by any organisations, regardless of what activity or sector they operate in.


How does the new standard differ?


ISO Technical Committee ISO/TC 207/SC 1 has updated the standard to reflect the next generation of management standards.  The key changes include:


  • Greater involvement of the senior leadership team in the management system to motivate the alignment with business goals and objectives
  • Identification of risks to the EMS
  • Life cycle perspective and its impacts
  • Improvement of Environmental Performance and the addition of a communications strategy 


Of significance, the revised standard follows the new common structure for management system standards, including ISO 9001. This platform brings together a common framework, ensuring consistency and making the standards easier to read and implement across the whole business management system. Comprehensive information on the changes can be found in documents linked below.

Download ISO 14001:2015 Whitepaper on the key changes

Download Our ISO 14001 Changes FAQs Flyer

Download ISO 14001 - What does it mean for me?

Download ISO's Correlation Matrices for ISO 9001

Download ISO's Introduction to Risk-based Thinking for ISO 9001  


When & how to transition

SAI Global is committed to working with you to ensure that your transition process is implemented smoothly and effectively. 
If you are already an SAI Global client and wish to speak with a member of our team regarding your upgrade audit, please contact us now.


Can we help you?


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First step

Begin by acquiring a copy of the ISO 14001:2015 Standard and familiarizing yourself with the content.  You may also review one of our free resources, above.  


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Information gaps and transition training


Next, start to look at the gaps between your current environment management system and the new proposed framework. We can provide a Gap Analysis service to help with this stage of the transition process.

Download Gap Analysis Service brochure

SAI Global is also holding one-day transition course workshops. Attendees will gain an introduction to the anticipated changes in the revision and how these could affect their organisation's environment management system. The course will also explore how to best approach the transition including guidance on an implementation plan for a smooth transition.

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Share learnings and further education


SAI Global offers Foundation Training for people who have an existing basic knowledge of, or experience in environment management, offering advanced insight into the management system's approach and the requirements of ISO 14001.


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Your Training Options


Implementating the new Standard


When looking to implement ISO 14001:2015, SAI Global also offers Implementation Training that helps you to build the practical skills and knowledge needed to develop an Environment Management System. It examines the common challenges to implementation and provides strategies to identify problems, assign resources and evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your system.

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Transitioning Certification

If you are already an SAI Global certification client, there are a few options for how you can transition over to the revised Standard.

From the release of ISO 14001:2015 your organisation has three years to transition and we will work with you to ensure the transition process works effectively.  If you are currently certified to ISO 14001:2004, the following whitepaper will help give you answers to some of the questions you may have

Download ISO 14001:2015 Whitepaper on the key changes



Considering transferring your certification to SAI Global?


If you are currently certified with another certifying  body and would like to find out how you can achieve certification and gain the ability to licence the “Standards Mark”  ™ 5 Ticks , then please contact us. 

We will make the transfer to SAI Global and transition to ISO 9014:2015 easy for you.

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Managing the Environment Management System Ongoing


In order to ensure that your Environment Management System is managed effectively ongoing, SAI Global can help you manage an extensive range of business processes required to support governance, risk and compliance including EH&S and risk-related functions.  Our Cintellate ™ software [add something here about the Verdantix report]  provides a technology framework that improves transparency and assists in the proactive measurement, management and improvement of overall business performance.

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