• EHS Risk Capabilities

  • Whether you want to start small or big with managing your EHS risks, we have the people and technology to help. Our EHS risk platform is a world-class risk management platform that is designed to work specifically for your business.  Learn how you can go from being a risk mitigator to business enabler.

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  • Why SAI Global for EHS Risk?

  • Verdantix badge

  • SAI Global named a 'Leader' in Verdantix 2017 Green Quadrant

    Recognized for the ability to integrate EHS risk management into the complete risk picture.

    This provides a significant advantage for EHS teams working closely with other risk functions in their organizations.

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  • EHS Risk Insights

    Go deeper and learn how to keep your employees safe, improve productivity, reduce costs, protect your brand and increase competitiveness. Learn how with deeper insights and learning from across the globe.

  • Minimizing overall organizational risk by focusing on employees first

    Your organization's management and board decide which risks you expose.
  • Spotlight on EHS risk in the oil production industry

    Managing oil production risk and navigating change are key to grow the economy strongly.
  • Making EHS part of your culture, not just a policy

    Five key areas on how to best encourage a culture of accountability.
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  • Solutions in action

  • Deliver Defensible Compliance

    Auditable records and proof of compliance is in a single platform making it easily accessible

    • Avoid Fines
      & Penalties

      Mitigate regulatory non-compliance risks, then fines and penalties can be avoided.

      • Efficient Data Management

        Risk software generates cost savings from more efficient data management processes.

        • Implement Streamlined Processes

          A workflow enabled software solution ensures your processes are easily understood and followed across the business.

          • Mitigate EHS

            Track regulatory changes and their applicability, identify compliance gaps, and meet reporting requirements.

            • Reduce

              An integrated software solution supports companies with timely access to data to help prevent costly occurrences.

              • Reduce
                Operational Risk

                Software solutions provides tools that simplify root cause analysis to proactively manage EHS risks.

                • Consolidated Information & Analytics

                  With a single solution, companies have more complete information to make risk management decisions.

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