• Transform data into powerful insights to power more 
    effective decision making and improved EHS management

    • The ability to quickly turn raw data into actionable information can make the difference between smart environmental, health and safety (EHS) decisions and costly mistakes. 

      But making sense of all the information from different data sources can be a challenge. The right business intelligence (BI) tools put data to work enabling easy identification of insights and the confidence to act, ensuring focus remains on performance improvement.

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      • Solution overview

        • A complete suite of self-service tools that enable managers to analyse and report on virtually any information tracked by our EHS software.
        • Broaden EHS intelligence using trend analysis, KPI monitoring, scorecards and data visualization.


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        • How EHS Manager 360 delivers value


          Risk broken down by category

          Track and analyse EHS performance holistically

          Gain the knowledge to make better and faster decisions all on one intuitive platform. Quickly and effectively review injuries at specific locations, view medical reports, track inspections, measure KPI trends and more. Remove the guesswork and get immediate answers to critical EHS questions.

          Our BI suite enables companies to explore information from across the organization and analyse data in numerous ways to gather the intelligence necessary for effective EHS management.

          Make big data speak with self-service agility

          Our self-service portal lets users perform at-a-glance analyses, create simple reports and set up custom dashboards with visualizations without needing support from IT. Quickly slice, dice, filter and analyse data to obtain important business metrics reports whenever and wherever needed.

          Versatile designer tools and interactive visualizations such as geo maps, heat grids and bubble charts bring data to life, satisfying compliance and audit requirements with ease.

          Create deeper EHS intelligence and better business outcomes

          Designed for users but built for the enterprise, get instant clarity on the big picture and the details hidden in the data. Data integration tools enable reporting across all EHS software modules and other sources to enable better decision making from every role and management level.

          Finely-tuned reports and greater information sharing result in higher productivity and lower intelligence gathering costs across the organization.

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