• Create a culture of empowerment and accountability to 
    deliver greater visibility over operational EHS risks

    • Catastrophic and highly-publicized environmental, health and safety (EHS) incidents, highlight the implications of poorly managed and reactionary EHS programs. In addition to human costs, these events cost companies millions in fines, lawsuits and tarnished brand reputations. Deploying scalable EHS software to effectively manage operational risk, including disastrous black swan occurrences, has never been more important to a company's bottom line.

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        • Streamline operational risk management initiatives including change management, hazards management, incident and near miss reporting, job hazard analysis, obligations and more.
        • Swiftly identify, assess and treat operational risks and hazards from a central location.


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        • How EHS Manager 360 delivers value


          Automate operational risk and hazard management frameworks

          Through application of repeatable, best-practice processes and hazards and risks can be managed across the companies. Our software helps companies automate complex tasks necessary to meet the compliance requirements of today's strict EHS guidelines while better managing operational risk.

          Our EHS software solution removes the guesswork and enables companies to truly understand their key risks and hazards to ensure they can implement effective controls, measure effectiveness, and continually improve operational resilience.

          Risk broken down by category

          Stay on top of legal obligations and reduce noncompliance risk

          Efficiently manage ever-changing legal requirements with a sustainable, less costly compliance model. The obligation management module automates compliance monitoring through practical workflows, automatic alerts, and task assignments to ensure companies can identify, resolve and close gaps quickly.

          Our chemical register ensures it is easy to maintain and distribute up-to-date safety data sheets to mitigate exposure risk and maintain continuous regulatory compliance.

          Turn insights into action for continuous risk reduction

          Transform company culture and move from a reactive EHS management style to a proactive approach that helps constantly lower risk. Pre-built reports and interactive dashboards featuring intuitive visuals such as heat maps, clearly articulate high-risk areas where controls are needed most.

          Robust analytics enable companies to collect, link and analyze data from multiple sources, compare leading and lagging indicators, gain deeper predictive insight and make smarter decisions.

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